Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Public Lecture

I gave a public "Sciece@Cal" lecture last Saturday, on "Neutrino Astronomy in Antarctica. I talked about why we want to do neutrino astronomy, and about IceCube and ARIANNA.

Science@Cal is a monthly series of Saturday lectures, intended for anybody who is interested, on various subjects. It was an interesting experience, attracting attendees with a wide range of backgrounds, and, clearly, based on the questions, a wide range of background knowledge.

A video of the talk is available , and the a pdf file with the slides is posted here.


  1. Thank you for taking the time for giving a public lecture like this. I tried to watch the video although it failed to work in the middle. Neutrino physics appears very involved and I am learning very slowly via internet including monjoogh's site, and her lectures. Best of Wishes.

  2. Thank you, that was very interesting. :-)